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School Steering Group

The aim of the School’s Steering Group is to direct the overall development and management of the School to achieve its goals and objectives.

The Steering Group’s function is to advise the Head of School and direct major policy matters and decisions within the School. It receives and discusses all relevant planning documents. It considers the School’s interests, advises and assists the HoS in formulating the School’s academic policies and strategies, implementing those policies and strategies, monitoring progress and making the best use of the School’s resources. More specifically, the Steering Group is responsible for considering:

  1. issues relating to the overall development and management of the School;
  2. new business and programme development at a strategic level;
  3. issues relating to resource allocation and the annual budget; and
  4. any other strategic issues relevant to the School’s mission and objectives.

Steering Group Composition

The School's Steering Group meets once per month, throughout the academic year.

Professor Frances Bowen - Head of School
Professor Mike Noon - Deputy Head of School
Dr Stefan Krummaker - Director of Taught Programmes
Professor Perri 6 - Director of Academic Strategy
Professor Gill Kirton - Director of Research
Mrs Saritha Divakar - Secretary to the Steering Group

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