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The Role and Responsibilities of Business in Relation to Society: Getting Back to Basics

28 April 2017

Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm
Venue: Graduate Centre GC101, Queen Mary, University of London Book now

The second "basic" involves framing the role of business in society by looking to the values realized by the basic building blocks of contemporary economic activity -namely, markets and firms. The "Back to Basics" account focuses on values in addition to efficiency, including the values of autonomy and diversity. The third basic of the account refers to what has been termed, "the basic structure"-roughly, the main social and political institutions of society. In doing so, the "Back to Basics"emphasizes that there are limits to what business enterprises are permitted or required to do in order to respect the authority and legitimacy of legal and political institutions. One area is with respect to the responsibilites of business for human rights given that human rights obligations are understood as the obligations of state governments. 



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