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Research Workshop: Making people feel bad: What is the role of negative appeals in marketing?
24 April 2017

The Marketing and Retail Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management and the Marketing and Communications Group (MARCOMMS) of the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London, are organising a one-day research workshop dedicated to the role of negative appeals and negative campaigning in marketing. The objective of the event is to present new research findings on this topic and discuss what roles these campaigns could have in marketing.

Business Ecosystems Research Group (BERG) in collaboration with the Marketing Interactions and Consumer Behaviour Research Group (MICB)
21 April 2017

The research groups of BERG and MICB are organising a seminar on submitting to and getting accepted by highly ranked journals in business and management.

2017 CRED Annual Lecture
29 March 2017

This presentation offers insights into the toxic effects of racism at work and presents new research that deepens our understanding of its insidious and pervasive effects. Like “second hand smoke” our research reveals that the harmful repercussions of racism extend well beyond the target to impact third-party bystanders in the workplace. 

The contested terrain of social media in employment
29 March 2017

A small body of emerging research suggests that employers are increasingly profiling employees and institutionalising social boundaries by codifying, monitoring and enforcing professional online conduct.

QMUL Inaugural Lecture
28 March 2017

As part of the QMUL Inaugural Lecture Series, Professor Sushanta Mallick examines how far the developing countries have come in their process of growth following the rapid pace of policy reforms in the 1990s; which he calls the “great liberalisation” of the 1990s.     

Meet the Editors Workshop
22 March 2017

The School of Business and Management is organising a seminar on submitting to and getting accepted by highly ranked journals in business and management.

Can adaption beat hindsight? Evidence from investors’ adapting technical trading rules
22 March 2017

Can adaption beat hindsight? Evidence from investors’ adapting technical trading rules

Exploring Affective Practices in the Changing Context of Dirty Work
15 March 2017

The aim of this study is to explore dirty workers’ affective responses to chronic insecurities produced by the practices and logic of neoliberalism, and to demonstrate the centrality of affect in shaping the relationship with the past and the future.

Networked Creativity: An organisational inquiry into creative interactions among entrepreneurs at London-based coworking spaces
8 March 2017

This talk will present the core ideas and preliminary findings of an ESRC Transformative Grant Research Project into collective creativity among entrepreneurs who utilise one of London’s many innovation hubs (co-working spaces). The contents and arguments offered will be of interest not only to those with an interest in entrepreneurship, organisations and collective creativity but also for researchers focusing on the future of work, business models and space.

Toxic Roads, Unearthing Hazardous Toxic Waste Dumping
1 March 2017

This talk will present its findings which investigate how new roads are used as burial sites for hazardous waste and the health implications this has on individuals who live nearby; with a particular focus on Ethiopia. 

Specialist CEOs and IPO survival
15 February 2017

This seminar will present findings that investigate the influence of a CEO’s specialist managerial experience on the probability of failure and survivability of IPO firms.

Making countries more business-friendly: the role of international organisations
10 February 2017

Ken Davies is the former head of global relations at the OECD, and also worked as a Senior Economist at the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment at Columbia University

Why is it difficult to get knowledge into practice?
8 February 2017

This seminar will discuss and address general challenges to achieving change in complex organisational settings.

Gender and career life outcomes
1 February 2017

Gender and career / life outcomes: An analysis of individual, household and organizational factors

School of Business and Management Alumni Breakfast Catch Up
31 January 2017

The School of Business and Management would like to invite all  SBM alumni to our Breakfast Catch Up. This will be a great opportunity to build networks with alumni who work in business and management industries over breakfast.

Pension Accounting and Firm Value: A Dynamic Analysis
25 January 2017

"Pension Accounting and Firm Value: A Dynamic Analysis”

Spillovers, inventions and the scale effects: A scrutiny of emerging world
11 January 2017

R and D activities of emerging countries (EMEs) have increased considerably. We scrutinize inventions, spillovers and the “scale effects” in a large panel of EMEs.

Friedman’s Presidential Address to the American Economic Association (1968) is not about expectations and the Phillips curve
14 December 2016

The research by Dr James Forder reconsiders the intentions of Friedman’s (1968) Presidential Address, his goals, and the relevance of the Phillips curve. 

The effect of female directors on firm performance
7 December 2016

The study, presented by Professor Colin Green, presents evidence in support of female representation on corporate boards, with a focus on firm performance and economic rationale.  

School of Business and Management Postgraduate Alumni Reception
6 December 2016

The School of Business and Management (SBM) would like to invite all postgradaute students who have completed their studies in September 2016 to SBM's Postgraduate Alumni Reception.

Coping with stigmatised identities: The experience of Romanian migrants in the UK
23 November 2016

The paper presented by Dr Laura Morosanu looks at how Romanian migrants in the UK cope with stigmatised identities.

How do we know what we know? Limits to consensus in an age of individualism
21 November 2016

Amy Boone is a writer and a Director of Effective Intervention, a charity that designs and implements aid projects in education and neonatal health, with an eye to measuring their actual impact in the developing world.

Does empathy improve marketing performance? Evidence from a high autonomy sales environment in an emerging market
16 November 2016

Dr Sourindra Banerjee, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Warwick Business School, tackles the question: Why do some salespeople in high autonomy environments perform better than others?

Politically connected businesses in emerging markets
14 November 2016

Simon Commander is Professor at IE Business School and Managing Partner of Altura Partners. He is extensively involved in advisory work of a policy and strategic nature principally with emerging market governments.

Financial fragility: New measures and some results
2 November 2016

Professor Panicos O'Demetriades presents research which shows the links between financial fragility and crises, and the effect these have on growth.

China’s political economy
1 November 2016

Trey McArver is Director of China Research at Trusted Sources, an emerging markets macroeconomic research firm.

From Borlaug's Paradox to the 'Eroom' Effect: Emerging challenges of sustainable development innovation
26 October 2016

Drawing on Brazilian and Canadian cases, Professor Jeremy Hall discusses two of the challenges for sustainable development innovation: 'Borlaug's Paradox' and the 'Eroom' Effect,

Building Bridges. How investors cope with lower growth, lower return in market environment.
25 October 2016

Bill Street is a Senior Managing Director of SSGA and Head of Investments for EMEA and currently serves as a member of the European executive management committee as well as the SSGA Investment Committee.

Crimes against women and economic conditions: Evidence from India
19 October 2016

The study by Zahra Siddique, Sonia Bhalotra, Uma Kambhampati and Samantha Rawling, looks at whether changes in the labour market and increased employment in India have an impact on crime against women.  

International liquidity and the financial crisis
18 October 2016

William A. Allen worked in the Bank of England from 1972 to 2004, where he was Head of the Money Market Operations Division, Head of the Foreign Exchange Division and Director for Europe.

Start up stand up: Focus on female entrepreneurs
13 October 2016

This is an informal networking event focusing on local female entrepreneurs.

Corporate Culture and Enforcement Actions in Banking
12 October 2016

Franco Fiordelisi (University of Rome III) discusses enforcement actions as a key tool for supervisors to reduce moral hazard behaviour at all banks, and not just at the banks which have been sanctioned. This event is part of our Weekly Research Seminar Series.

Japan's astonishing financial survival
10 October 2016

Peter Boone is the Executive Chair of Effective Intervention and a member of the Globalization Program at the Centre for Economic Performance in the London School of Economics. 

The host with the most? The effects of the Olympic Games on happiness
5 October 2016

'The Host with the Most? The Effects of the Olympic Games on Happiness', a new paper by the Centre for Globalisation Research (CGR), aims to answer the question of whether hosting the Olympic games can increase happiness in the host city.

Seeking Person-Organisation Culture Fit in the Workplace: Unintended Inequalities for Skilled Immigrants
28 September 2016

Dr Shamika Almeida and Associate Professor Mario Fernando (University of Wollongong, Australia) will examine how the level of exposure to diversity can lead to unintended inequitable recruitment outcomes for skilled immigrants. This event is part of our Weekly Research Seminar Series.

Specialist CEOs and IPO Survival
15 February 2016

Professor Dimitrios Gounopoulos (Newcastle University) discusses research on the influence of a CEO’s specialist managerial experience on the probability of failure and survivability of IPO firms. This event is part of our Weekly Research Seminar Series.

Learning to Love the Taxman - Transforming a big public service
1 December 2014

Centre for Government and Leadership - Open Lecture

2013 CRED Annual Lecture
7 October 2013

Varieties of the Worker-Mother and the Challenges for Policy Professor Marian BairdQMUL Humanities and Social Science Distinguished Visitor 2013Professor of Employment RelationsSydney University

HSS Faculty Seminar: The triumph of emptiness. Grandiosity, illusionary acts and zero-sum games in contemporary society and its institutions
11 June 2013

Professor Mats Alvesson, Lund University, Sweden and Visiting Fellow in the School of Business and Management 

Parental Time Investments in Children: Academic Advisory Board Meeting
24 May 2013

24th May 2013, 11-1pm, FB4.04/08, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

School Research Seminar Series
10 October 2012

Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm

Workshop: Fairtrade, History and Governance
8 July 2011

Organised jointly between:CGR - Centre for Globalisation Research, Queen Mary, University of London andCEGBI - Centre for the Evolution of Global Business and Institutions, University of York

Christian Marazzi: 'The Common and Money'
13 April 2011

Time: 13.00 - 14.45, Wednesday 13th April 2011

FEAST Seminar: Human Rights - The Effect of Neighbouring Countries
2 March 2011

Speaker: Dr Huw Edwards, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University Time: 13.00 - 14.00

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