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BUSM027 Research Methods for Business and Management


2 (2016/17)

Module organiser

Dr Stefan Krummaker


The module will provide a foundation in Research Methods for students for their dissertations. It will instruct them in how to put together a research proposal, how to draw out objectives of research, how to undertake literature reviews, how to assess suitable research methods to use. In terms of research methods, the course covers both qualitative methods such as case studies, questionnaires, surveys and interview techniques and an introduction to quantitative methods and data analysis. By the end of the course students will know how to put together their own research proposal and will have done some preliminary analysis of literature, assessment of data required and methods to be used.

Learning outcomes

  • to develop an understanding of the role and significance of research within social science and business management
  • to understand a range of theoretical perspectives used in business and management research
  • to promote critical awareness and interest in a range of business and social science research and the methods employed therein

Key texts

Bryman, A., & Bell, E. 2011. Business Research Methods (3rd edn.). Oxford: Oxford University Press

Field, A. 2009. Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (3rd ed.) London: Sage.


20% Group Research Project 30% Group Research Report, 50% Research Proposal 

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