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Centre for Ethics and Politics (CFEP)

The Centre for Ethics and Politics (CfEP) fosters post-disciplinary research, teaching, and public engagement regarding the ethical and political dimensions of global business discourses, practices, and architectures.

It provides an open institutional framework for scholars and postgraduate students in the School of Business and Management working together with scholars in other disciplines to collaborate on investigations, projects, and pedagogy addressing the ethical and political dimensions of new forms of work and emerging workplaces, as well as the ethics and politics of global tendencies in business and the environment, logistics and energy, finance and property, and regulation and governance.

The Centre’s commitment to public engagement, collaboration, and dissemination is embodied in the various high profile projects – including research, publication, and teaching – developed by the members of the Centre’s collective. They are also reflected in collaborations and partnerships with other centres at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary College, at the University of London at large as well as universities and organizations in the United Kingdom, China, the United States, Indonesia, Europe, and Brazil.

A space for fostering collaborative work, the members of the Centre’s collective work together in designing and developing research projects, co-authored and co-edited publications, joint supervision of doctoral students, and supporting of post-doctoral fellows.

Public engagement and collaboration also distinguish the M.A., PhD, and Specialization Program on Global Organization (under construction).

The Centre’s activities include collectively coordinated initiatives, such as seminar series, the Postcolonial Capitalism Working Group annual conference, and public lecture series as well as the various projects involving individual members of the collective. Individual projects can be found through the following sections:

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