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Dr Paolo Antonetti


Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Telephone: +44(0) 20 7882 6478
Room Number: Room 3.28F, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus


Student drop-in and feedback hours
Monday 10am-12pm

Programme Director Marketing MSc 

Paolo is Lecturer in Marketing at Queen Mary, University of London. Before joining QMUL Paolo worked as Assistant Professor in Marketing at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. He holds a PhD in Management from Cranfield School of Management awarded in 2013. He also obtained an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Cranfield School of Management.

His research interests lie in the area of consumer emotions and especially on the role of emotions in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, corporate social irresponsibility and consumer ethics.

His research has appeared in several international publications including the Journal of Business Ethics, Psychology & Marketing and the International Journal of Management Reviews.

Paolo is a member of the European Marketing Academy, the Association for Consumer Research and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is also an ad-hoc referee for international publications including the Journal of Business Ethics, the European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Management. He is also a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Market Research.

Before joining academia Paolo worked for several years for an international marketing research agency, assisting multinational clients in the development and implementation of their marketing strategies. He managed national and international projects covering diverse marketing issues in areas such as pricing, product innovation, branding and communication strategies. He has also been involved in a number of private consulting projects in the past, including ad-hoc marketing research projects and the development of marketing strategies for several private organisations.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • International Marketing (BUS227)

Postgraduate Teaching


Research Interests:

Paolo pursues three main areas of research:

1. The study of how emotions influence persuasive processes with a specific focus on guilt and other self-conscious emotions. Research in this area is being currently developed around the idea of an ‘elicitation-consumption’ approach to the use of guilt in social marketing messaging. This framework has been developed in earlier research (Antonetti & Baines, 2015; Antonetti et al., 2015) and is the object of an ongoing research project funded by the British Academy.

2. The study of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Irresponsibility from a Marketing perspective. Research in this area has focused especially on how negative emotions (e.g. outrage, anger and sympathy) influence reactions to information about unethical corporate behaviour.

3. Research on responsible or sustainable consumer behaviour. Work in this area is centred on the examination of emotional processes can promote/hinder responsible consumption choices from individuals and groups of consumers.

Research grants

  • British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grants, Engendering delayed effects through narrative persuasion in guilt appeals. £9.990 awarded in April 2015. Co-investigator: Professor Paul Baines.
  • University of Warwick, Global Research Priorities, Behavioural Science, Do CSR practices attract better or just more demanding workers? £2.000 awarded in May 2015. Co-investigator: Dr Leif Brandes.



Peer-reviewed journal articles:

  1. Baghi, I., & Antonetti, P. (2017). High-fit charitable initiatives increase hedonic consumption through guilt reduction. European Journal of Marketing, forthcoming.
  2. Antonetti, P., & Manika, D. (2017). The offline spill-over of signing online petitions against companies: A dual pathway model. Information Technology & People, forthcoming.
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  17. Maklan, S., Knox, S., & Antonetti, P. (2014). Building a sustainable bank: the case of GTBank of Nigeria. Thunderbird International Business Review, 56(5), 461-473.


PhD Supervision

Current Doctoral Students

First Supervisor:

  • Katja Breiter

Third supervisor: 

  • Rachael Millard, 'Investigating the role of surprise in information processing'
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