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Dr Yasmin Ibrahim


Reader in International Business and Communications

Telephone: +44 207 882 8986
Room Number: Room 4.28a, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus


Student drop-in and feedback hours 
Wednesday 10am - 12pm

Postgraduate Teaching


Research Interests:

Dr Yasmin Ibrahim has a wide array of research interests which tend to be multi-disciplinary in approach. She has published extensively in the field of media and communications. Her research on new media technologies explores the cultural dimensions and social and ethical implications in the diffusion of ICTs in different contexts. Beyond new media and digital technologies she writes on political communication, political mobilisation and empowerment from cultural perspectives. Her other research interests include media literacy, visual economies and risks that have emerged in digital environments with the convergence of technologies. She also writes on the construction of Islam in postmodernity and the need to build theories from postcolonial perspectives in the field of media and communications.


Journal Articles: 

  • Ibrahim, Y.  (2012) Temporality, space and technology: time-space discourses of call centres, New Technology, Work and Employment, 21(1): 23-35.
  • Ibrahim, Y.  (2012) The Politics of Watching: Visuality and the New Media Economy, Journal of E-Politics, 3(2): 1-11.
  • Ibrahim, Y.  (2012) Guest Editorial Preface, Special Issue on Digital Visual Cultures, Journal of E-Politics, 3(2).
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2012) Interview with Catarina Carneiro de Sousa: Multimedia Artists and Art Educator, Journal of E-Politics, 3(2): 57-61.
  • Ibrahim, Y.  (2011) Constructing the Jungle, Distance Framing on the Daily Mail. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 7(3): 315-331.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2011) Integrating the Postcolonial: The Missing Paradigm in Media Studies’, Journal of the World Universities Forum 4(2), pp.35-42.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2010) Domestication of Suffering: the Politics of Pity and Communion through ICTs, Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication, 1(2): pp137-150
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2011) The non-stop ‘capture’: the politics of looking in postmodernity’, The Poster, pp. 167-186.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2010) The Breastfeeding Controversy and Facebook: Politicization of Image, Privacy and Protest. International Journal of E-Politics, 1(2): 16-28.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2010) ‘The Regulation of Gaze and Capture: New Media and the Image Economy’, International Journal of Technoethics.
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  • Ibrahim, Y. & Smith, N. (2008) Community and Communion: Books as Communal Artefacts in the Digital Age. 5(3): 65-72.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2008) The Wired Body and Event Construction: Mobile Technologies and the Technological Gaze, The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, 4 (2): 105-112.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2007) "9/11 as a new temporal phase for Islam: The narrative and temporal framing of Islam in crisis." Journal of Contemporary Islam 1(1)
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2007) 'SARS and the Rhetoric of War in Singapore.' Crossroads, vol.18 no.2.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2008) ‘The Co-opted Body and Counter Surveillance; The Body as Data and Surveillance,’ The International Journal of Humanities. 5(12): 1-8.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2007) “The Mediated 'Ummah' in the Digital Age: The Global Islamic Audience", International Journal of Technology Knowledge and Society, Vol 2 (5): 1-6.
  • Ibrahim, Y.(2007) ‘The Banning of Podcasts in Election Campaigns: Regulating the Spaces for Political Marketing on the Internet,’ International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, 3(4): 45-52.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2007) 'Domesticating the Global; The Global as an Entity in the Home space,' Panjab University Research Journal (Arts) V. XXXIV, Nos. 1&2 (April - Oct 2007)pp 71-78.

Book Chapters:

  • Ibrahim, Y.  (2012) The Politics of Image: The Image Economy on Facebook, In Livermore, C.R. (ed.) E-Politcs and Organizational Implications of the Internet, Power, Influence and Social Change. Pennsylvania, USA: IGI Group, pp 34-46.
  • Ibrahim, Y.  (2012) Globalization, Epidemics, and Politics: Communicating Risk in the Digital Age, in St Amant, K., & Olaniran, B. (eds.) Globalization and the Digital Divide, Amherst, NY: Cambria Press.
  • Howarth, A. & Ibrahim, Y.  (2012) Threat and Suffering: The Liminal Space of 'The Jungle'.In: Andrews, H. and Roberts, L., (eds.), Liminal Landscapes: Travel, experience and spaces in-between. London: Routledge.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2011) ‘Singapore’ In Barnett, G., & Golson, G. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Social Networking. Sage Publications
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  • Ibrahim, Y. (2009) Social Networking Sites (SNS) and the Narcissistic Turn: The Politics of Self-Exposure. In S. Rummler & K. B. Ng (Eds.), Collaborative Technologies and Applications for Interactive Information Design: Emerging Trends in User Experiences. Pennsylvania, USA: IGI Group
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  • Ibrahim, Y. (2008) ‘Ethics of Gazing: Pornography and the Politics of looking’ in Luppicini. R. (ed.), The Handbook of Research on Technoethics. Pennsylvania, USA; IGI Global Publishing.
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  • Ibrahim, Y. (2009) ‘Textual and Symbolic Resistance Re-mediating Politics Through the Blogsphere in Singapore’in Adrienne Russell and Nabil Echchaibi (eds), in Accented Blogging: Reconceptualizing the Role of Blogs in an International Context. London: Peter Lang.
  • Ibrahim, Y. (2007) “Global governance and the local internet.” (2007) In St. Amant, K. (Ed.) Linguistic and cultural online communication issues in the global age.  Toronto:  Idea Group Inc.

PhD Supervision

Current Doctoral Students

  • 1st Supervisor - Alex Harrison
  • 1st Supervisor - Gynna Millan-Franco
  • Co-Supervisor - Sasha Scott
  • Co-Supervisor - Eranjun Padumadasa
  • Co-Supervisor - Samuel Miles
  • Co-Supervisor - Saskia Fischer
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