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Dr Graham Spickett-Jones


Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 5616
Room Number: Room 3.30, Mile End Campus, Bancroft Building


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Wednesday 3-5pm

Director, International Recruitment and Students
Senior Lecturer in Marketing
First Year Academic Advisor

Dr Spickett-Jones joined the School as Senior Lecturer, Marketing on 1 April 2016.

Previously, Graham was a Senior Lecturer in marketing at the Norwich Business School and the School’s Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing. He took up an academic career after a decade holding successful marketing roles in the brewing and related retail sector; some of this was with major companies, and some was in an entrepreneurial setting establishing a new venture.  

Graham has worked at several UK universities (Lincoln, Hull, UEA and South Wales) and returned to UEA in 2015. As well as performing teaching, research, administrative and management roles, his academic career has involved regular contact with industry through consultancy, knowledge transfer activity and through professional institutes. He has published both in international academic journals and trade journals.  

Further, Graham has also written chapters for textbooks and, in the commercial world, led PR-driven campaigns that have achieved prominent national publicity. He has professional marketing qualifications and is a member of two professional bodies. 

Graham has a PhD in management from the University of Hull, with a master's degree in marketing on top of a first degree in communication studies, which involved studying social psychology and media studies. These themes have informed his teaching and research interests throughout his academic career.  

Undergraduate Teaching


Research Interests:

Dr Spickett-Jones's main research interests focus on aspects of communication and strategic marketing practice, especially related to promotional campaigns and the development of popular cultural icons and brand equity. This includes consumer media habits and information processing related to communication activity and promotional marketing messages.  

Graham has researched the working practices of agencies and the network characteristics of agency partnerships involved in integrated communication campaigns. 

From his background in media studies, he has developed an interest in how neuroscience can inform a better understanding of the consumer responses to mediated flows of information, especially when related to the modes of response that marketing campaign activity may elicit. This includes cognitive and affective responses and message prompts that many involve forms of subconscious priming and emotional triggers. Graham sees this as offering potential insights into the way marketing communication messages may have influence over decision making repertoires for consumers, and that a better grasp of this area may challenge and enhance current campaign planning models. 

Graham has worked with and carried out consultancy work with SMEs, which has seen him develop an interest in the strategic resources and network relationships that can help support the competitive and strategic positions of SMEs. He has carried out research both with academic colleagues, and with peers based in industry. 

Drawing on his industry background, Dr Spickett-Jones has tried to keep a hybrid character to his academic career and stay in touch with commercial practice. He has sought to balance his main university roles with consultancy and industry-based research, and has acted as lead academic supervisor for industry partnership on Knowledge Transfer Programmes. He has won EU funding to work with SMEs and has had commercial sponsorship for research with marketing communication agencies in the professional creative services industry. 

Graham has also assisted large media organisations and carried out research into the campaign practices employed by a number of global organisations.   


Journal articles

Spickett-Jones, G., Reast J., Lindgreen A., Palihawadana D., 2011, Prescription drug communication strategies: a comparative analysis of physician attitudes in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, Journal of Marketing Management Special Health Care Issue, Vol. 27, Issue 3-4, p. 336-360.

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Book chapters

Spickett-Jones, G., Eng T-Y. Chapter in textbook: SME Marketing Communication, in Nwankwo S. and Gbadamosi A., 2011, Entrepreneurship Marketing: Principles and Practice of SME Marketing, Roultledge.

Spickett-Jones, G. Case in textbook: IMC, richer consumer engagement, in: Fill C., 2009, Marketing Communications: Interactivity, Communities and Content, 5th Edition, FT/Prentice Hall, London.

Spickett-Jones, G. Chapter in textbook: Study skills, in Kitchen P. J., and de Pelsmacker P., 2004, Marketing Communications: A Primer, Palgrave.

Spickett-Jones, G., Reast J. D., McKelvey C. Case in textbook: Bulmer’s, Cider Makers, in: Weatherston J., and Brooks I., 2000, The Business Environment Challenges and Change (2nd Ed.), Prentice Hall.

Spickett-Jones, G., Cox V. Chapter in textbook: The Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasive Communication, in P. J., Kitchen (ed.), 1999, Marketing Communications: Principles and Practice, International Thompson.

Conference papers

Testing Stages of Integrated Marketing Communication Development, 14th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications, University of Nicosia, Cyprus, April 2009. (runner up for best competitive paper) 

Spickett-Jones, G., Eng T-Y., An investigation of global manufacturing upgrade and marketing strategies: the case of China and Hong Kong based companies, China Marketing Association, Harbin University, China, July 2007. 

Spickett-Jones, G., Eng T-Y., A network approach to strategic analysis applied to integrated marketing communication, Academy of Marketing Conference, London, July 2006. 

Spickett-Jones, G., Eng T-Y., An empirical analysis of the influence of cross-relational impacts of strategy analysis on relationship performance in a business network context, European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Athens, May 2006. 

Spickett-Jones, G., Goatman A. K., Well, What Did You Expect?, Academy of Marketing Conference, Aston, July 2003. 

Spickett-Jones, G., Eng T-Y., An Investigation of the Concept of E-Marketplace in Supply Chain Management, Academy of Marketing Conference, Nottingham, July 2002. 

Spickett-Jones, G., Kitchen P. J., and Barnes B. R., Studying Advertising: Trends and Methodologies, Academy of Marketing Conference, Nottingham, July 2002. 

Spickett-Jones, G., Eng T-Y., and Weakley S., Class Distinction: Brand Experience Event Management for the Mercedes-Benz M Class, Academy of Marketing Conference, Nottingham, July 2002. 

Spickett-Jones, G., Eng T-Y., Use of Web-based Trading Networks: an Empirical Survey, Academy of Marketing Conference, Cardiff, July 2001.

Public Engagement

Dr Spickett-Jones is currently an external examiner and has done this role at a range of UK institutions in the past. He reviews articles for several marketing and management academic journals, has carried out successful consultancy work and led symposiums in industry and in academia, plus taken part in thought leadership activity with major organisations.  

Graham is a member of several professional bodies, including IDM and CIM. He was a member of the CIM local committee in the Humber region for a decade until 2011, where he helped to manage the CPD for local marketing professionals. He currently sits on the Board of Governors for an academic academy in the private sector.  

Dr Spickett-Jones has held a variety of administrative posts too. He has lead programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional level, and taken departmental and school-based leadership roles in teaching-led and research-focused universities. 

He returned to University of East Anglia in 2015 as Norwich Business School’s Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing. When he previously worked at the Business School he held roles including Associate Director of Learning, Teaching and Quality and Deputy Head of School. 

For other universities, he has been Head of Centre at a satellite London campus, plus lead the subject area of marketing, and been deputy head of a research centre.  

Graham has developed, validated and taught programmes offered in the UK and overseas, and has supported research students up to PhD level. He has also sat on a range of university and school committees, covering areas like audio visual and IT resources, teaching and learning, enterprise and community collaboration and staff student liaison. Graham has also held key roles in student recruitment including being part of the UCAS and clearing teams at several universities, and has represented universities at recruitment fairs, both overseas and in the UK.  

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