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Dr Min Yan


Lecturer in Business Law

Telephone: +44(0) 20 7882 3928
Room Number: Room 3.03, Bancroft Building, Mile End campus


Student drop-in and feedback hours

Tuesday 15:00 - 17:00


Programme Director of BSc Business with Law

Second Year Academic Advisor 


Dr Min Yan is a Lecturer in Business Law. He joins Queen Mary from King’s College London, where he obtained a PhD in Law. He also holds a LLM with distinction from Durham University. Min specialises in corporate law and corporate governance, and his recent research focuses on corporate objective including managerial unaccountability, agency cost, shareholders’ short-term interests and stakeholder theory among others. Before entering academia, Min practiced law and worked as a legal consultant for commercial companies in China. 


Research Interests:

Dr Min Yan’s research interests are in general in the fields of corporate law, corporate governance, and comparative business law studies. His recent publications focus on corporate objective and endeavour to overcome narrower shareholder wealth maximisation from a legal and economic aspect.

Some of his current research projects include:

  • Stakeholder theory
  • Agency theory and agency cost
  • Managerial accountability and directors’ duties
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • State-owned enterprises and family-owned enterprises
  • Legal transplant of corporate law and governance in China


Journal articles

M Yan, The Corporate Objective Revisited: Part I’ (2017) 38(1) Business Law Review 14-20

M Yan, The Corporate Objective Revisited: Part II’ (2017) 38(2) Business Law Review 55-60

M Yan, ‘Evolution of the Corporation and the Shareholders’ Role in China’ (2015) 26(11) International Company and Commercial Law Review 355-363

M Yan, ‘Agency Theory Re-examined: An Agency Relationship and Residual Claimant Perspective’ (2015) 26(4) International Company and Commercial Law Review 139-144

M Yan and YZ Wang, ‘The Objective of the Company’ (2013) 8(3) Frontiers of Law in China 423-520

M Yan, ‘The Failure of the Entity Model’ (2013) 34(9) The Company Lawyer 272-280

M Yan, ‘Why Not Stakeholder Theory’ (2013) 34(5) The Company Lawyer 148-158

M Yan, ‘Book review: The Corporate Objective, by A. Keay’ (2013) 4(1) King’s College London Review of Legal Studies 94-97

M Yan, ‘Morality—an Equivocal Area in Patent System’ (2012) 34(4) European Intellectual Property Review 261-265

M Yan, ‘The Law Surrounding the Facilitation of Online Copyright Infringement’ (2012) 34(2) European Intellectual Property Review 122-126

M Yan, ‘Obstacles in China’s Corporate Governance’ (2011) 32(10) The Company Lawyer 311-320

M Yan, ‘A Comparative Examination of Remedies under the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980) and the Sale of Goods Act 1979’ (2011) 3(1) City University of Hong Kong Law Review 111-139

M Yan, ‘How Successful does UK Company Law Minimise the Agency Costs between Shareholders and Executives’ [2013] 1 Shanghai University Law Review 162-168 (in Chinese)


M Yan, Beyond Shareholder Wealth Maximisation: Towards A More Suitable Corporate Objective for Chinese Companies (Routledge, London 2017)

M Yan, Revisiting the Corporate Objective: Shareholder Wealth Maximisation vs Stakeholder Model and Its Relevance for China (Routledge, forthcoming 2017)

PhD Supervision

Dr Yan welcomes prospective PhD students who would like to do research in a broad area of corporate law and corproate governance. Students with law and economics background are particularly welcome to apply. For an informal discussion, please send your resume and research proposal to the above email address.  

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